Monday, November 28, 2011

Designer or tailor ?

Assalamualaikum wbt
Salam Sejahtera

I start survey for my solemnization dress almost two years ago. Still I do not know how to make it come true. I do not know which way I should go.  
  1. Looking for the plain material at Jakel, send to tailor, and beading at Bead Me Please
  2. Looking for material with lace and send to tailor.
  3. Send to designer. (I might get an objection from someone. Huwaa..)
I like a simple dress but still look stunning. I don't like heavy bead and lace.

Click on image to enlarge
Source : Tahirah in Syomir Izwa's design

She rent this solemnization dress for RM 200 + RM50 for veil. I want to rent but I worry I cannot take care of this dress very well. I like the design. Should I ask my tailor to design a dress likes this and add beading ? 

Source : Bahiyah and Faizul from Anna-Rina Photography

A bride on the left-side always catch my eyes. I love the simplicity and the bottom design. Her kain complement with the baju at the top. She looks sweet wearing tudung bawal. They know how to match the colour. Groom wearing baby pink baju melayu and white sampin match with the bride dress. Maybe I can find the material for lace and send to tailor. 

Source : Ili Syazwani from Bak's Photography

If I am not mistaken, her solemnization dress was her personal collection. She recycled and added bead. I guess she send her reception dress to tailor. I admirer her dress !

I choose for Tahirah's and Bahiyah's. MAYBE.


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