Friday, July 8, 2011

Dream photo 1

Assalamualaikum wbt
Salam Sejahtera

I think I need to do a list for my dream photo during and after my wedding. I need to find the ideas and make a collection. Then, I can show to my official photographer(OP) to make my wish come true.. Since I am really addicted to Korean drama, My Girlfriend is Gumiho right now. I choose this scene as my dream photo.

You might think this photo such a formal snap for wedding photography. To me, this photo is significant. It shows happiness, intimation, chemistry, and how important a woman beside a man. It cannot be a great moment without one of them. Perfect two ! Their smile show that they happy being together and they never be separate. I love it when Mi Ho embracing around Dae Woong's arm !! The backgrounds are perfect for them. Hmm. I should hang a big frame for this photo on the wall in our future house. Compulsory !!

I heart this scene to the fullest and I hope that my OP can take this moment after our akad nikah. I want this to be my first memory as a legal hubby-wifey. The couple want to save a  simple memory took using mobile phone. It's look common to us. But, do you think that is a great candid ? One photo saves in mobile phone and one moment in OP's lens.

To be continue...


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