Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Ipoh with Love

Assalamualaikum wbt
Salam Sejahtera

I cannot write any review about my engagement yet. I didnt get the photos from my OP. Insya Allah this week the album will be arrive. A lack of post because I was busy with internship and finishing my action research.

It was spontaneous idea to celebrate our 5th year together. A budgeting trip to Gua Tempurung, Ipoh and have a fun to Lost World of Tambun.
What I remember :
  1. Eight girls entering hotel at the same time with wet clothes. The receptionist and i were speechless. All of us never fail to show our shameless face. We didnt care how peoples look at us, since we are happy.
  2. Pillow talk how we met for the first time. But it end with what happen to your love story. Everyone tell about their love. A beginning of love, a sad love story, a happy start for marriage, taking a second stage for the last long relationship, a never told love story, and a 'classmate' love story. Everyone have their own and unique story.
  3. Jump ! Jump ! Jump in the bed. A good bed always make a great bounce for us
  4. We were cackling together when one of my friend fell on the bowling lane. Sorry dear, I know you gonna be mad at us. At least you cheer up our day.
  5. Ran into the waters like Paris Hilton and the friends. Suddenly the whistle from life guard makes us stop and start belly-laugh. Hahaha. We know that  the life guard will never give chance go into the water because wearing a tracksuit with zip but we didn't care and find other way of having fun.
  6. A wonderful 2 times sailing on the giant tube through the advanture river. With waves along the way.. 2 of us fell onto the water while controlling the giant tube.. 
  7. I burst with laughter again in the car when my roommate told us something embarrassed happen to her at LWo Tambun.
Kalau dah 10 orang terjun dalam air, siapa la nak ambil gambar kami. Gambar ini je la yang mampu


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